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      February 4th 2018

Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog)


February 1st 2018

Aros - Aarhus Art museum

  August 25th - September 3th

Aarhus Festival 2017


  Aarhus Jazzfestival 2017      
  August 26th - September 4th

Aarhus Festival 2016

  July 12th 2016

Helene Bak (DK)
Helene Bak (voc, p), Jesper Riis (trp), Michael Vestbo (el-g), Jens Jefsen (b), Søren Pedersen (dm)

  July 11th 2016

Hede Hule Hot (DK)
Thomas Soubak (g, voc), Anders Banke (Sax, cl), Henrik Silver (sousaphone), Martin Seidelin (dm)

  June 18th 2016

Summer concert in the Music Hall.
Christian Øland - conductor.
Camilla Button - soprano.
Mikkel Lynggaard - guitar.
Aarhus Symphonics.

  June 17th 2016

Piano concert in the Music Hall.
Lina Ratkeviciuté and Rima Chacaturian (Lithuania).

  June 5th 2016

Vesper service. Sct. Pauls cantori.

  June 5th 2016

Music Hall. Jazz and classic on the piano

  June 3rd 2016

Images of the world

  May 21st 2016

Godsbanen market

  May 16th 2016

Open air service. Botanical Gardens.

  May 7th 2016

Market Day and Street opera - Jægergårdsgade
  May 1st 2016

First of May celebration

  February 14th 2016

Chinese New Year
  February 7th 2016

Shrovetide at Beboernes Jord
  December 30th 2015

Impressionists in Aros

  December 30th 2015

Monet - Lost In Translation

  December 21st 2015

Concert Lina Ratkeviciute (Lithuania)

  December 18th 2015

Christmas concert in the Cathedral

  September 9th 2015

Green House & Botanical gardens

  September 6th 2015

Bishop insertion

  August 2015

Aarhus Festival

  June 5th 2015

Sculpture by the sea

  June 4th 2015

Momento Flamenco

  June 4th 2015

Uffe Steen

  June 4th 2015

Explore the world with Aarhus

  May 31st 2015

Black and white pics

  April 24th 2015

Mollerup woods

  April 21st 2015

Our Lady's Church - Monestery
  April 19th 2015

Lake Brabrand
  April 11th 2015

Egå engsø. (Meadow Egaa)

April 8th 2015

Queen Margrethe II 75 years birthday celebration in Aarhus.

  March 11th 2015

Årslev engsø. (Meadow Aarslev) 

  March 9th 2015

Green House


  March 9th 2015

Downtown Aarhus


  February 16th 2015

Commemoration of terror in Copenhagen


  December 25th 2014

The first snow. Mollerup woods.


  November 4th 2014

Botanical gardens


  October 26th 2014

Den Permanente (Beach) and Risskov Woods


  October 18th 2014

At Aarhus Art Academy


  October 16th 2014

Fall 2014


  October 11th 2014

Apple juice making at Risskov library


  September 29th 2014

The new Green House


  September 29th 2014

Mollerup woods


  Aarhus Festival
50 years
Same - but different
  May 17th 2014

Botanical Gardens




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